1. Survivor: Nicaragua Winner Fabio Gets the Ride of His Life with Rancho Chilamate.

    We got the call asking if we would be willing to host a ‘celebrity’ for a ride in the next day or two.
    A celebrity? You bet. How fun.
    Their identity was to be kept a secret for the time being. Jamie had visions of some gorgeous actress like Columbian beauty Sophia Vargas from Modern Family galloping down the beach in all her glory whereas I pictured someone more like Vin Diesel or Jude Law. One can dream right?

    There's ...
  2. For the love of Scorpions.... NOT!

    When is TMI really too much? When you GOOGLE to find out more about scorpions.
    One thing that I learned early-on when we moved out here to the countryside of Nicaragua is that it was best to ‘stomp first – ask questions later’. The incredible number of unknown creepy crawlers and flyers made this an essential motto for the survival of my sanity.
    Some of the bugs here are incredibly resilient and I quickly altered my motto from just stomp to ‘stomp and drag’. This better guaranteed ...
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