Little Corn Tom

  1. Traveling to Nicaragua

    I will be traveling to Nicaragua late next week and will be all over the place.

    Big Corn
    Little Corn

    I will be glad to mule anything down (within reason).

    I have stuff for Melissa and Kevin now.

    Let me know if you need anything for me to pick up for you or PM me for my address if you want anything shipped to me.
  2. Polls and Tres Frijoles

    I was reading one of Tres Frijoles posts and thinking about how much I enjoy his posts. I thought about making a poll about who posts the most interesting posts.

    Why bother?

    Nice going Josh!
  3. I received this from "augman" All I can say is "WTF"? What is this about?

    Fuck yourselves

    What a bunch of fucking bullshit. Fuck you, fuck jonh (especially) and a pox ony you and your family, fuck nicareal, fuck NL, fuck all you assholes! I will never post on any of these sites. This has turned into the battle of the egos when the rule should be "Egos are checked in at at door". Once again go fuck yourselves - LOSERS
  4. The Hangover

    Just sat down channel surfing and caught the end of The Hangover.

    This movie is hilarious. It is about a bachelor party gone bad in Las Vegas. Very bad.

    Two thumbs up!
  5. Computer Help

    I subscribe to Kim Komando's daily emails that give good advice about computer and consumer electronics related issues and problems. A recent article really bailed me out of an Outlook problem that I could not solve.
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