1. Gueguense's take on costa rican expansionism

    Once again Costa Rica dredges up the Rio San Juan Issue to keep Nicaragua unstable to suit its designs.

    Costa Rica is scared shitless that Nicaragua will take back its rightful place in central america. Recently there was news that the Pellas would invest a massive $250 million dollars in the Rivas region. This threatens Costa Rican tourism in the long term.

    Costa Rica is also worried about a potential new deep sea port on Nicaragua's caribbean coast that would boost the ...
  2. Of cedulas, and foretold electoral fraud in nicaragua!

    So Nicaragua is the place where dejavu happens all over again!

    back in 2008 when I used to be in the Sandinista people's republic of Fydelandia, i warned about the cedula scam that the trompudo would use to steal the elections.

    Today, La Prensa did a good expose on the recent charge of $15 dollars to get the new and "improved" cedula.

    As we know, the Cedula in Nicaragua is the cornerstone ...
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