No Porn!

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The post the other day about loud porn in Granada jogged my memory about a funny incident one afternoon in MGA. A few buddies and I were hanging out in one of the better regarded brothels that are pretty commonplace throughout the city. As we were partaking of some of Nicaragua's finest, (uh, beverages) an obviously high ranking police officer entered with a small entourage. A murmur went through the crowd that "the Inspector" was here. The lights were raised a little and the volume of the music lowered a bit. No adjustment was made to the large screen tvs that featured some rather poor-quality porn overhead. We all just sort of sat still as the Inspector walked through, casually "inspecting" with, at least for us extranjeros, not sure of what might happen next. Apparently satisfied all was in order, he gave the clients and couches full of girls one last look and called over the manager. The Inspector was giving the manager the "Nicaraguan finger wave." (Not to be confused with the famous middle finger, this finger wave is executed with the index finger being rocked back in forth in slow motion and is the final word for NO in Nicaragua.) This was accompanied by 2 words: "No porn." With that, the Inspector turned on his heel and left with his flunkies in tow. The tvs went black, the lights went down and the music returned to normal levels.

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  1. Jonh's Avatar
    Did he look like this?

  2. bill_bly_ca's Avatar
    In 08/09 and the 11/12 trip one BIL told Chilo that he was going to take me to one of the Nica houses of disrepute..... Ohh the Laser beam stare and the removed slipper slap...

    At in the end it was somehow my fault ???
  3. Jonh's Avatar
    Ah, the chinela gesture.
  4. ejb3's Avatar
  5. ejb3's Avatar
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