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We are in to the misery season but some days are still overcast and not too hot. Countryside is drying up and water shortages in town and the communities.
Somebody found the rubber snake I gave to the grandkid a few years ago and they left it on my workbench. hahaha very funny, it took my weathered brain a few seconds to realize that cobras don't live in Nic. Got my eye on an oversized rubber scorpion for the other grandkid this year.
The Chicomvirus hype is on, stores selling out of alcohol gel, masks, vitamin C, etc. I bought some last week and everybody said Why? and now they are saying why didn't I buy more? I say we are all going to die and I want to die with some spare change in my pocket.
I bet only 1 out of 10 people know you can wash your hands with soap and get vitamin C in a tangerine and that masks don't work for this bug.

Not sure about vacation plans this year. Who wants to get sick in a foreign country, get kicked off the plane, and be treated like a leper? Just saying. Airline industry very quickly upped their predicted loses from 30 B to 60B or more. Would hate to be an employee or stockholder in a cruise line. Maybe they could convert to hospital ships for the year and get juicy govmint contracts?

The volcano walk captured everyone's imagination for a day. Beforehand, many people in this superstitious country were saying he was tempting God. Most people lost interest when they saw all the guy wires and safety cable. Anyway, it was a long walk and I suspect he had to be in shape for it and I can't believe that mickey mouse mask was really rated for that much gas.

I hope there is not a run on tangerines...

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  1. el duende grande's Avatar
    Oh, yeah, did Airport X in both directions in January. 2 thumbs up, somebody got the airport budget hotel thing right.
    Slow death is subtle, mostly items disappearing from inventory in local stores, like exterior electrical boxes in Sinsa. Lotta small power and water outages for the dry season, but some are planned outages for maintenance, like all day. One main ferreterria sublet its front to somebody else and are working out of their old bodega on the side street.
    La Casita moved to take out only due to water shortage. El Italiano extended his restaurant to the rear to get some shade. Good grub. The friday veggie fair in central park has expanded by wrapping around the other street in front of the cathedral. Didn't help much with the parking situation, the church had the only good parking downtown.
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