So today is the beginning of my 57th circumnavigation of the Sun

In the past week I have done 3 truck runs for my Dad - one to the Ontario food terminal, one to a little grocer in Burlington who does a mind numbing amount of business and then one load between greenhouses.

In addition to the 12 Jamaicans my Dad has 12 Mexicans for then next 3 weeks. The Mexicans were brought up by another Farmer for an Late March to August stay but there is a lul time in their work from The 1st week of May to the 4th so they are subcontracted to my day for the May rush - He does over 30% of his business in May, and almost 1/2 of that on the May long weekend (Victoria day) the 21st to the 23rd.

The truck is a 28' straight truck with a lift tail gate rented from Ryder. Dad rents 3 trucks every year to supplement the 2 he has already.

Chilo came with me all 3 rides as well. The Ontario food terminal was fun, used to do that run 2x a week from the mid 80's up to the mid 90's . You show up at 2 or 3 in the morning, unload, people come and go saying what they wanted can actually exchange cash until 6:30 AM. For this trip it was simpler - Left the house @ 11, got to the truck @ 12 - Drove to the Ontario Food terminal arriving @1:15 , unloaded by 2, back to the greenhouse at 3:30, back to our house by 4:30 - Sleep to 8 and then go in to work for a regular day. The other runs were on Sunday.

This was kinda like how we did in the 90's - In the early 90's Chilo and I held 3 jobs and worked a good 55 tp 70 hours a week. Then we were afflicted with regular well paying jobs that made us lethargic through the 00's and 10's

I actually enjoyed it and found it refreshing doing the driving again. The last time I did a stint of driving was when I was downsized in 2015.

Daniel sent me a pix by whatsapp that he got his passport. Took him 3 weeks. He says he will come up in July and stay to (most likely) the end of September. With him being out that long there is probably not going to be much (if anything) done to the house until September. Can only hope that DOS and Rosario drops the test mandate before then. We will probably go for 3 weeks at that time.