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Thread: Rich Man's Ivermectin

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    Default Rich Man's Ivermectin

    December 23, 2021

    a course of molnupiravir costs $700

    Depending on where you buy ivermectin, you might spend $2 --or less

    And ivermectin is a lot easier to say!

    But,, big Pharma rules.
    It will be interesting to see what it sells for in Canada

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    Default Re: Rich Man's Ivermectin

    Quick google shows we bought 500,000 @ 900cdn each (About $700US / dose)

    We do not use ivermectin for mostly the same reason that waving dead chickens over the unwell and rolling bones at the bed side. Good and entertaining story, no data.
    Dude !!!.... Its a Canal !!! Can you Dig it ??

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    Where there is smoke,, there is fire:

    Then you have this:

    An increasing number of people are taking the drug commonly used to treat parasites in animals. Veterinary and infectious disease expert Dr. Gerald Parker says vaccines remain a safe and effective way to protect against the virus.

    The facts:
    3.5 billion doses of ivermectin have been given to humans, mostly to eliminate the parasite that causes river blindness.
    The drug is well tolerated with minimal side effects.

    Ivermectin has shown anti viral effect to the virus since the beginning of the pandemic

    No one would take veterinary products if they could get ivermectin from their doctors and pharmacists

    Many feel that they have a right to seek the best treatment for themselves,
    And feel that others can do as they choose;
    that doctors and Democrats are not gods;
    In fact,, quite the opposite is true:
    Some are scumbags.

    How we have someone as stupid as Joe Biden and someone as sleazy as Kamala Harris running the country (into the ground) remains a mystery.

    We may never have an answer.

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    Default Re: Rich Man's Ivermectin

    And ivermectin just won't go away:

    It might have been just what we needed for Omicron
    Clicking on the link in the tweet gets you an "Unsafe to Continue" warning
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