A new Covid vaccine will be available in February.

Already being used in countries outside of the US,, it is waiting EUA from the FDA.
If you are in a hurry,, you can fly to Indonesia.

Efficacy was 100% during the Phase 3 trial,, but 93% is claimed for the Omicron variant.

A "conventional virus" unlike the mRNA offerings of Pfizer and Moderna,
Novavax injects the actual protein from the Corona virus "spike" that has become so famous.
Not an inactivated virus,, the protein is manufactured.

Novavax compares their Covid vaccine to the existing vaccines used for hepatitis B and shingles.
I've had both.

Hepatitis B is a mandatory vaccination for health care workers.
I'm not aware of any "breakthrough infections" of Hep B;
maybe we are finally making some progress.

But, at least we haven't had this,, yet:

"In the late 1960s, children in Washington, DC received an RSV vaccine in which the virus was inactivated with formalin. Eighty percent of the children given the shot were hospitalized with severe respiratory disease, and two died. Many scientists had thought the formalin was responsible for the vaccine’s problems, but the chemical has been used safely in other vaccines."

RSV remains a serious problem globally, considered the second cause of death in infants.