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    I should have started a unique thread earlier to capture all the information.

    Anyway, They DO process immigrants on weekends now.
    Yaritza was cut loose with a pile of paperwork, a court date two months in the future, an Obama phone, and a bus ride to the airport in San Antonio with a refugee travel document, and a voucher for a plane ride.
    I imagine meal vouchers as well. The government teat is generous.

    She asked me to check availability for flights that day (Saturday) to Ontario (California), and I did,, but their bus broke down.

    So, Yaritza is on a flight late this evening (Sunday),, the first one she could get on.

    The process does seem to be better organized than what is reported,, but remember,, these Nicaraguans are "refugees".
    Daniel Ortega is the best thing that has happened to these people.

    Your garden variety Mexican still has to sneak across.
    If he makes it to the interior he is relatively safe from deportation.
    That first 100 miles is critical.

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    Yaritza made it to Las Vegas late last night.
    I will have more specific information about her trip after she sleeps a day or two.

    Supposedly,, she has an immigration court date in two months,, but I have not seen the paperwork yet.
    It's been a busy couple of days.

    The UCSIS office in Tucson no longer handles asylum claims,, this business changes like the wind. The LA office,, which is actually in Tustin, CA will be the location of her interview.

    They only have a 40% approval rate for asylum claims.
    I'm convinced that with the proper documentation, and a well rehearsed interview,, her chances are very good.

    I plan to testify in her behalf (as a Nicaragua resident,, and long time observer).

    We have three goals,, to convince the immigration judge that,, 1) Nicaragua is a repressive country that routinely and arbitrarily persecutes its citizens (that is relatively easy to do);

    2) Yaritza was personally a victim of that persecution and for that reason left Nicaragua;

    3) That if she were to return to Nicaragua the persecution would continue, and her life might even be in danger.

    Notice that there is NOTHING in the asylum claim that speaks to wanting a better economic future for oneself,, one's family.
    This is very important and why the 60% of the failed claims are often refused.

    If you are a campesino from the north coming north so you can make some money,, and support your impoverished family Nicaragua,,, it can be hard to make and document a case for political persecution.

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    The Price was $5500 for the trip all inclusive.
    The money was borrowed,, as I'm sure much of it is,, with monthly repayments of $500

    I've attached a copy of her parole document, which along with her I-385, offers temporary residence in the US.
    She was given 60 days to report to immigration.

    I've been pushing her to complete her I-598 which really starts everything rolling, but she is still in DisneyLand mode.

    If you are NIcaraguan,, now is the time to come to the US
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    Default Re: The Border Run

    Yeah, no economic refugees, wink wink. and no Biden supporters, wink wink.

    "Support mental health or I'll break your head"

    Covid was an intelligence test and we flunked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by el duende grande View Post
    Yeah, no economic refugees, wink wink. and no Biden supporters, wink wink.

    I don't know about the other UCSIS offices in the US,, but the one in Los Angeles only approves 40% of asylum claims.
    Any hint of economic motivation and you are out the door.

    You are not going to be deported at the moment,
    but your path forward to a green card and citizenship -absent an amnesty- is very limited.

    As long as you didn't sneak in,, the most common solution is to find someone to marry.
    That is a pretty straightforward solution.
    Currently, to avoid immigration fraud,, you have to stay married 2 years.

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    So,, latest Yaritza:

    So far,, so good (mostly).

    I am trying to get her a job.
    She's in California which doesn't really take E-Verify seriously.
    Arizona,, it's tough, almost impossible to work on the books without legal residence or the asylum Work Permit.

    Her husband made it,, and is in Los Angeles,, has been at a hospital there for a week getting his hand worked on.
    He had a Mexican permit to be in the country because of his injury and hospitalization there,, so it was easy for him to make his way to the border.

    The specifics of how he wound up in a LA hospital,,, I'm not privy to those details yet.
    What use of his hand he has recovered is still unknown

    Shelley is bringing up Yaritza's passport,, cedula, driver's license, birth and marriage certificates, and her diploma when she comes on Dec 3
    With those in hand Yaritza will be able to move on,, we hope.

    She is not happy in Victorville, and had wanted to divorce her husband last year,,,
    but I encouraged her to wait until her tourist visit was approved,, as that is one of the anchors the US Embassy looks for.

    One big plus going for California is her ability to obtain a Driver's License.
    Although she can nominally drive on her Nicaragua license (when she finally has it in hand).
    However,, getting vehicle insurance might be another question.

    She's living with her in laws,, in debt for the $5500,, but her decision to go mojada was probably the right one.
    It's still a roll of the dice with the embassy, even with all your ducks lined up.

    The $5500 is chump change,, easily earned here.
    That is the least of her problems at the moment.

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