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Thread: Google News May 20, 2022

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    Default Google News May 20, 2022

    Nothing but Bad News......

    Nicaragua Daily update ⋅ May 25, 2023
    United Opposition in Nicaragua Would Bring More EU Support - Havana Times Havana Times
    The European Parliament member calls on the Nicaraguan opposition to take advantage of the fractures in the regime.

    Central America's 'Forgotten' Migrant Crisis Has Costa Rica Reeling - World Politics Review World Politics Review
    A Nicaraguan family arrives at a Catholic church where the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has set up a field office to assist ...

    In Nicaragua, It's Ortega Versus Everyone Else - Havana Times Havana Times
    Nicaragua is left with no opposition leaders, critical voices, or independent media. The Ortega regime has swept them all away.

    In Nicaragua, the repression of the Ortega-Murillo regime takes new forms - Globe Echo Globe Echo
    The President of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, and his wife, Rosario Murillo, in Managua (Nicaragua), May 18, 2023. JAIRO CAJINA / NICARAGUAN ...

    Javier Nart: United opposition in Nicaragua would bring more EU support - Confidencial Confidencial
    “The repression in Nicaragua is infinitely greater than that of Francisco Franco [dictator from 1939 – 1975] in Spain,” affirms Javier Nart, ...

    Unlicensed teen from Nicaragua arrested after running red light -
    An unlicensed teen from Nicaragua was arrested after running a red light. Luis Ariel Ruiz-Vasquez, 19, of Orlando, was driving a white Ford pickup ...

    Woman who fled US to keep child custody more than a decade ago says her lawyer ... - AP News AP News Click to copy.

    Nicaraguan Government Investigates Two Priests From Diocese Overseen By Imprisoned Bishop The Tablet
    One of eight chapters of Caritas Nicaragua, the Catholic Church's charity organization, it was closed more than a year ago by the country's autocratic ...

    New S. Korean envoy to Nicaragua - Yonhap News Agency Yonhap News Agency
    President Yoon Suk Yeok (L) poses for a photo with Min Jae-hoon, South Korea's new ambassador to Nicaragua, after presenting him with a letter of ...

    These are the new 14 Nicaraguans who were Spanish nationalized - Cleveland American Cleveland American
    A new group of 14 Nicaraguans who had been stripped of their nationality and rendered stateless by the regimes of Daniel Ortega and Rosario ...

    Life's different here ... It's a whole 'nother pace.

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    This story has always fascinated me.

    I found the book Only One Mommy on Thrift Books for half price.

    There seems to be,, finally, an awakening as to what has been happening to our country over the last twenty years.
    The tide seems to be turning.
    Target and Bud Light are excellent examples.

    I stop for a beer once a week at a local bar,, The Boondocks, and I noticed that they removed the tap for Bud Light
    No one blocking traffic for a protest,, no hysterics,, no weirdness, just "we're not selling Bud Light anymore".
    I never did see many transgenders in the Boondocks, so it probably wasn't a big hit to their profits. *

    I'm all for inclusion, feel everyone has the right to live their life, but not rub it in my face,, and groom school children to increase their tiny numbers.
    I'm NOT happy with all the super skinny Fentanyl Freaks who walk haltingly and hold their heads at odd angles.
    Tucson is full of them.

    Nicaragua is not perfect, but it's emphasis on traditional values is very attractive at the moment.

    Actually I never saw any,, if I did, I'd find a different bar

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