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Thread: Voting Incidents

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    Liberal of RAAS, Paúl González was denounced by the FSLN for apparently buying votes.

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    about 15 minutes left for those that would like to vote... polls close as soon as the last person in line, that was in line before 6:01pm, has voted.

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    At least 33 people have been arrested in Managua, most of which will be released in a few hours.

    There were 5 cases however where the people were caught with firearms, fake cedulas, and knives. These are considered mor serious and will be kept for some time.

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    At "Colegio Elena Ortiz", a group of CPC members came to one of the Voting Centers. The Alcalde candidate of the PLC claims that they came to sabotaje the ballots. The citizens protected the center from these individuals and the police showed up to get the scuffle under control.

    The PLC candidate is calling out to all citizens to protect the centers from these sort of individuals.

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    10 people are injured from a confrontation between FSLN and PLC members in Dolores, Carazo.

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    In Matagalpa near a market a fight broke out between FSLN and PLC, car windows were smashed and 1 police officer was injured.

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    The new green shirted CPC

    last evening at least 10 of the PLC Fiscales were kicked and chased out of the National Stadium by CPC members and FSLN members. This is just one more example that something fishy is going on.

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