Nicaragua kids

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Some of the numerous kids I have met in Nicaragua over the years.
  1. On the island of Rama Kay.
  2. Kids in Hialeah wanting their picture taken.
  3. No, you can't hold my little sister!  Crazy gringa!
  4. The mother of these girls runs a roadside cafe.  Got my first ever Nacatamal here.
  5. Selling shell animals on Pochomil beach
  6. Don't know her name, but too cute not to post. 
Edit: Found out her name is Kayli (sp?).  This year, she is five years old and has a "trach" due to...
  7. Carlos doing a standing back flip.
  8. Carlos Marx kids.
  9. Boy in barrio Carlos Marx, Managua.
  10. Enjoying an ice cream.
  11. Bible school in Mateare.
  12. Local girls.
  13. Cristian and his horse buddies.
  14. Some of "my" kids.
  15. ?, ?, Carolina, Maria, and Mercedes.  Maria is one of the sweetest, nicest young women I have ever met.
  16. Cristian with his horse. (Pochomil)
  17. Carolina - mi gran amiga.
  18. Katarin.
  19. Douglas.  Too cool to smile.
  20. Time for a ride home.
  21. Hazell with baby duck.
  22. "My nieghborhood" before they adopted me.
  23. Leonardo, Dec '09 - high school graduate! (Pic "borrowed" from Jen.  Thanks.)
  24. Local family in '97  (pic converted from slide) Leonardo with ball in front.
  25. Francela (in white) and her friend caught when they least expected it.
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