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  1. Nate

    I hope ALL my knucklehead friends on the DAC are ok,after Nate went through there.
    JohnWayne? Cookshow? LittlecornTom?
    anyways,hope someone has the latest news,I seen bad CHET over in Puerto
    cabezas,has anyone heard from John W?
  2. Good to be BACK

    Hey my fellow Ex pats ,Friends.
    good to see nobody has left this world yet, including meself.
    Been on a 4+ years hiatus and just getting back on the right track.
    Now counting the days till my FULL retirement comes and I permanently move to Nica.
    5 more years, GOD willing,I should be there at the TENDER age of 51.
    I hope everyone I'Ve had the pleasure of metting is OK.
    Johm Wayne,Cookshow,Little corn tom, Johm, 4.5Frijoles,Jack,catahula fan,bikingo.
    missed ...
  3. Labor Laws Terms and Misc.

    To all th would be employers in Nicaragua,specially Maids services or Cuidadores(property guard/manager).

    I strongly suggest you paid a lawyer to draw up a contract,have the employee sign it and keep for your records.

    Good luck guys,and always try to protect your A$$,be meticulous on your contracts.
    as always,if I can help out,just reach out!!

    I just adviced someone to do exactly this sort of thing.
    furthermore, here are the labor ...
  4. Been out of touch

    Saludos everyone.
    I've been out of touch for a while,much of it has to do with my new venture here in Esteli which keeps me EXTREMELY bussy,but the main reason has been the death of my beloved olde man,he passed just a few days prior of me visiting JW,he'd been very ill for the past year or so,he's now resting in peace.

    I will miss him DEARLY,since he was one of my main fishing buddies here in Nicaragua.

    I am glad you're doing fine JW,hopefully I'll get to visit ...
  5. Natural Mosquito Trap

    I was sent this email,so I am placing it here,basically what you need is.

    1)Brown Sugar
    3) A 2 litter bottle
    4) Water.

    I will try it in my garden,but for those living in Nicaragua,it can definitely come in handy

    Los zancudos se guian hacia las personas percibiendo el C02 que despide su respiración.
    Evidentemente esta trampa actúa como lo hacen las nazas de los pescadores, los zancudos pasan al interior por el extremo del embudo, ...

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