1. Did you see the new currency bill coming out?

  2. anyone driven the Ochomogo-Las Salinas road lately?

    Greetings TRNers:

    Just a quick question for those in the Rivas/Popoyo areas...hows the road from the Puente Ochomogo to Las Salinas right now?


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  3. Hatin' on Avon and Credomatic

    <<rave on>>>

    Last week my bride bought stuff @ Avon...the suegra is a reseller...and sure enough they double-billed us...this was six days ago...five days ago we notified them...after getting tired of calling them on the phone daily, finally today went to their HQ and they are still jerking us around on crediting our account...blaming it on Credomatic now...Avon supposedly waiting for a phantom report from Credomatic...like they cannot somehow get a daily report on ...
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