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  1. el duende grande's Avatar
    I don't think it is especially a good idea to have money in Nic banks, but one option would be to move money here with a named Nica beneficiary. Probably would have to seek legal advice to see how it is done for a minor.
    All these problems are probably why here in Esteli people seem to want to leave an empty lot or a poverty farm to their kids/grandkids. No banking laws and harder to steal land or spend it down piecemeal.
  2. cookshow's Avatar
    Mixed up in this at the moment, complicated.....
  3. el duende grande's Avatar
    One thing that so far doesn't work is a pod on a taxable fund in the US (ira, 401k, etc.) If they don't have a ssn the bank won't except them as pod beneficiary. You would have to leave the account to someone who can receive it, pay the taxes, and then forward the balance to the Nic.
    Any workarounds on this?
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