1. Google News, April 5, 2019

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    The $200 million is designated for road projects,, on the Caribbean side, where the oversight will be more difficult

    Business as usual
    Difficult for who? King's son has the contract....
  2. Always Something

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    Just googled Wawashang

    Seen Wappy close by - Wonder if anyone worries in Wappy?
    Nothing to worry about up there, no where to go. C330 Panga ride to Bluefields is out of reach for most, they will be lucky to see Pueblo Nuevo, I been there, Barbed Wire and Bullets is about all you can buy there.

    Nice up there. But it is end of the road. Some Cell coverage, not much though, you will see people standing in an area, that is where you can signal. I could not get ...
  3. Venezuela aid to Nicaragua....

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    LOL. Kevin's alter ego would elaborate. No one would know...
    The tanker was at Bluff yesterday. Comes every few weeks.
  4. YaŽll will like this

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    So that's what they say if you're packing(plenty of mango) that's a good one...
    This whole Mango thing is getting out of hand, a woman I see daily just confronted me about my mangoes. I think I will take her home with me. Fu----- Mangoes.
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