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  1. cookshow's Avatar
    Back in covid Country USA. Not had time to look at the area involved in the Court ruling, but is most of Okie land.
  2. Daddy-YO's Avatar
    So Cookshow, are you now back in OK land? Or are you finding that where you once lived has now been made part of the Indian Reservation by the Supreme Court?
  3. cookshow's Avatar
    Lot of people organizing trips out of Esmarelda airport to SJO, from there can do United, not sure who else. Seats on those flights are 350-400, have not checked SJO to States flights in a bit.

    Some travel agency posts updates weekly this week all cancelled until early August, Spirit just said August, no date, others had dates for 1st week in August.

    NO one knows, and now States is going crazy again.

    Sad thing is some of the repatriation flights to FRance, Germany, and Spain have been cheaper than the short trip to Miami.

  4. cookshow's Avatar
    Bit the bullet and did charter.
  5. Daddy-YO's Avatar
    So . . . your Van Halen ticket?

    Spirit is still playing me along - I don't mind loaning 'em some - meaning they haven't cancelled my July 30 reservation, but if they can't bring a plane into Managua, it'll be difficult flying out with 'em (except in 'spirit').
  6. cookshow's Avatar
    All the airlines cancelled july now, been watching, and at this rate I doubt August.
  7. Daddy-YO's Avatar
    Congrats. Feliz viaje. Don't forget to mask up and bring snacks/food & water. Any risk of getting quarantined before arriving at your destination?
  8. cookshow's Avatar
    Got my Van Halen ticket, before 30th.
  9. bill_bly_ca's Avatar
    I meant more the cheesy song "don't worry... Be Wappy... du du tu dududu du du du..."
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