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  1. Jonh's Avatar
    Yes, it can now be revealed.

    3Frijoles is, in fact...

    "The Most Interesting Man in the World!"

  2. Little Corn Tom's Avatar
    What do you mean call it even?
  3. tresfrijoles's Avatar
    You won the Pinolero car game, so I will call it even!

    I have had a bit of spare time on my hands for "Summer Vacation" from my present job. I think I will be full schedule again at the end of July, my energy will drop, and it might get sloppy again.
  4. bill_bly_ca's Avatar
  5. Jennifer426's Avatar
    I LooooveEe that movie..i was drinki' when i started watching it,and the next day,i too had a hangover... Lol..and i'm downloading it right now.. Hahaha
  6. mupitara's Avatar
    I too liked the movie.

    My nica version should have been titled
    Survivor Nicaragua!

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