1. Now this is telicommuiting

    So I arrived Thursday (the 4th) and spent about 2 hours fighting the Movistar Dongle (my bad.. coming post in esquila technica)

    Thursday 7PM I was up and running and managed to VPN into work and clean up Thursday's outstanding questions.

    Friday again I managed to address a bunch of stuffs that would just have become tempests in a tea pot for when I return. It never fails that for every day I take off work 1.5 to 1.75 days of work accumulates.

    Saturday was ...
  2. Almost 20 years ago and not Today....

    This Man hired me .. He's cool fellow too...

    BNN interview... Brian D

    He has a wicked sense of humor as well that must now be suppressed as he has to look business like
  3. 20 Yrs ago today....

    I had my first date with Chilo..

    OK.. It was my first date ever...

    I was on contract for a film company (IMAX) working on some cool 3D glasses for Expo 90 in Osaka Japan. The company that won the contract (SG Smallwood and Co. a real sweat shop, still operating today) to assemble the Glasses was in Kitchener and I was working there since the first of the year (1990). While Chilo ...

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  4. Groceries - a sign of the times..

    So Chilo receives a visit from her sister and her sister-in-law last Thursday. The three were mulling over what to do that afternoon (Chilo works until noon) when the Sister-in-law says.. Hey, today is Thursday, lets go get some groceries.. Well we were all stocked up but Chilo agreed to go anyways..

    Well the local Grocery store that all 3 families attend is "Food Basics" (which is a no frills spin off of the Metro uber food corp) . This would mean a right turn from our ...
  5. Let the games begin...

    Well tomorrow is a manufactured holiday of the provincial government (Equal to a "State" or "Deprtmento") Called "Family day". It has been around 3 yrs now.

    Well it looks like our Casa is on the rotation for the gathering tonight..

    Most of the troope below are here tonight..

    There are a few ...
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