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    There was a rash of posts on the Life in Shallow Jual Del Sur stating the same about US checks
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    So, nice to be home, warts and all. Of all the things I notice when abroad, cleanliness stands out in my mind so a night in Las Mercedes gives me a day of clean before returning to the camping life. Speaking of cleanliness, the trash truck did not come this week. Lotta garbage on the street. I guess its a values thing, I like Chamuca trees more than garbage.
    La Mercedes is a comparative bargain at less than $100 otd, but they still haven't figured out how to cook bacon. Maybe a job for a Peace Corp mission?

    On the practical front, gave the little woman a check to deposit in our account for monthly expenses .No luck, bac said there is a new law that all Nic banks cannot accept checks drawn on US banks. To what degree this is the true poop I knoweth not, but bottom line one more nuisance to deal with.

    Planning our second annual family beach outing. Last year 's got canceled due to the festivities, but we are trying to pick up and move on.

    Airline situation has settled down, prices are ok if you are going to Miami or easy connections on the east coast, crappy for the west, CA, SA, and Europe. MGA was just getting to be a convenient place but now is back down to an also ran like Tegu or San Pedro. Had a nice flight out of Guate to DFW, but that is out for the future due to thieving anal retentive Honduras. Monitoring some fantastic bargains out of San Jose

    Finally broke ground on my little hobby greenhouse. Running about 12 years late, but you know what they say, it's hard to remember you came to drain the swamp when you are up to your elbows in alligators.
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    Anyway, the tube says the overpass by the US Consulate is semi-open and semi-working.

    Southbound apparently - It makes it easier for things to go south
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    Anyway, took the peluche dog and made it to the trash spot in time. Amazing how an animal with such short legs can run so fast. Picked up some coco fibre on the road, it makes a good component for orchidea mix. The frost is definitely on the pumpkins and it really feels good to be up early.

    It seems the BCN has not yet implemented its 1% tax on bucks. when/if it does it will be passed on to consumers and furriners with foreign pensions will be the first to see it. Banpro's ATM still do not work with foreign debit cards. The others do, but with a bunch of mystery messages like "your card is not chip" but when you breath deeply for a count of 10 it processes your chip card and farts out brand new crispy bucks.. And it looks like nobody has programmed their ATMs for 1000 card notes.

    One of my main hardware stores seems to be out of stuff, a sign of poor capitalization I think. But most are doing a decent business right now and I can't think of any biggies who have gone out of business. Traffic, if anything, is worse and more vicious than before la situacion. It really irks me that somebody in such a high position as the President of the United States of America, and the greatest president since Teddy Roosevelt, could stoop so low as to steal my word and use as if it were his own. "Shithole" has such simple elegance, so much profound meaning, all in one short word! Poets could kill electrons up the Kazoo and never come up with such profound meaning.

    Anyway, the tube says the overpass by the US Consulate is semi-open and semi-working. That sounds about right. And the Consulate is open now for both citizen and Nica business. The wait for visa appointments is, of course, quite long. Their cat 3 travel advisory is a little over stated and outdated, but that is politics. I becha 51% of the peeple in State are dreaming that Trump will resign, so when they found out the Danny ain't no quitter their bubble was severely busted.

    Favorite rumor of the month is that Nicas who leave the country for more than 2 years will have their property confiscated. If it weren't for BS, what would we have to talk about? Corn? No known repercussions on expats for the McRusky and Nica acts. Expats have always been an asset for the Sandinistas, a political plumb and a cash cow, no logical reason this should change. But then, logic can be an iffy thing.

    Anyway, gotta go walk the other dogs. sunday is tranquilo, less traffic, few construction crews, etc.
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