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  1. Daddy-YO's Avatar
    I am liking quarantine more all the time.
    Too much of the wrong kind of "reality" can cause most anyone to OD, to want to curl up in a corner with fantasy video and a bottle of FdC.

    On first settling into Nicaragua, watching a crime reporter on TV, they showed a dead man laying face down in the street in Managua who'd just been killed by punks robbing him. Showing the camara where he'd been knifed, the reported rolled the man by his shoulder and all his guts spilled out. For the doubting Tomas in the audience. No editing, raw TV. And no crime scene etiquette, as if it might get investigated.

    When we saw a man get knifed in the back near Jinotega's bus terminal, I just froze, stunned in disbelief. He was a big man carrying a slop bucket on his shoulder. The assailant had slipped a large stainless Bowie-style knife into the man's kidney a good 6". He cleaned the blade off after withdrawing it and walked away. The bucket fell immediately and as the man staggered across the road a crowd gathered and people started screaming. We were all speechless. We went to a coffee shop, saying nothing. That ended our sightseeing trip.
  2. el duende grande's Avatar
    So, one of the relatives is stuck in a bus. She was coming back from the far northern boonies when, as I understand it, a tree fell across the road and a car passed or swerved or something and killed a motorcyclist. Now she is stuck waiting for somebody to remove the tree and for the poilce to finish a fatal auto wreck investigation. I once got stuck for 2 hours waiting for the coroner etc. on a dark road in Tisey. At least with this woman somebody put a sheet over her body before the news arrived to take pictures. The 2 muchachos in Tisey lay there likes sacks of potatoes the whole time.

    Which also reminds me that in my time here as a mild-mannered hubilado, I have seen more people dead up close and personal, like their eyes, or eye sockets, staring up into space, than I did in a year in Vietnam.

    De ja vue all over again. A couple months ago we were going north on the Panam to Rosa Linda Nursery (2 thumbs up, incidentally) and a young woman was sprawled Raggedy Ann doll style in the opposite lane. Seems she had got off the bus with her baby in her arms and was crossing the street when they were hit by a speeding moto. She was dead instantly and the baby was transported to the hospital in serious condition. Speeding around stopped buses is a northern tradition. Anyway, the moto's passenger was dumped on the pavement but stuck around to ID the hit and run driver. I don't know, but I think the bus passengers helped convince him to stick around and cooperate with John Law.

    I am liking quarantine more all the time.
  3. el duende grande's Avatar
    If you are talking about work from home, I think the trap is set. Employees will be told to continue working from home and sooner, rather than later, employers will figure out that they can pay people less. No commuting cost, no work clothes, no restaurant lunch-- What do you need all that money for?
  4. bill_bly_ca's Avatar
    Our 3rd largest Telecom (Telus) just anounced that the WFH regime will continue to the new year

    In our facility only 30 is % of the people are actually in the office.
  5. el duende grande's Avatar
    Cargo has not been stopped, just passengers who have cudies. Or is it cooties? Dhl is freight, your letter is a package. Sucks. 3 day delivery with tracking, plus I had to write a check so when they cash it I know they got the return. M/L, one time it took them 2 years to process the return after cashing the check. I looked it up online once and DHL Esteli was 20 bucks more than MGA. I guess an add-on commish like buying saldo from a pulperia.

    When Correos is up they are 27 bucks, 15 day delivery with tracking if you track real good. The 2 times that I did it they made it in 10 days.
    Online filing never worked for me here. Maybe next year with a few tricks and VPN? People who don't really live here don't know how much it sucks when you are trying to get things done.

    Consulate will do mail for voting and probably other stuff, but who wants to travel 200 miles? At least they will be empty so few germs...
  6. KeyWestPirate's Avatar
    I've been to that DHL agent in Estelí, the price is a rip,, should be half that or less.

    For the girl,, she gets one DHL envelope a day,, and she has made some serious money.

    Does it track within Nicaragua, how long to MGA ?? and that means that there must be SOME plane flying to get it out of the country. Stuff is arriving by some means,, witness the hydroxy donation from India.
  7. Daddy-YO's Avatar
    For the first time in a long life of learning to live with the US bureaucracy, I e-filed my 1040. It was something of a pain in my seat cushion cause I didn't have any of the various 1099 forms it asks for details from. Some banks include them on your internet account page. Others put me on phone hold for more than 20 min's and then say they can't give me that information, call your local. Perseverance pays (for living in Nicaragua too). Cost me zip. I still need to do a state filing.

    Home ownership in Nicaragua must have its bene's, but I rent, and am content doing so.

    Ditto for our 'supers' in Leon, chocked full of everything but customers. And here too the employees own the aisles.

    Most still wear masks, but more & more these days are showing naked lips & nostrils. Significantly, Pan y Paz re-opened for business full time. Just Tues & Fri AM take-out was a tease. Their French breads & cheeses make a pandemic bearable. And they make sandwiches with pesto. The un-McD's. One can OD on burgers. Bar baro offers excellent steaks & cebiches & hummus. And El Mirador remains the top watering hole at sundown.

    Leon has the gumption to flourish. Nicaragua will soon open to Europeans, Brits & Aussies. Americans may have to wait.
  8. el duende grande's Avatar
    Oh, yeah, did Airport X in both directions in January. 2 thumbs up, somebody got the airport budget hotel thing right.
    Slow death is subtle, mostly items disappearing from inventory in local stores, like exterior electrical boxes in Sinsa. Lotta small power and water outages for the dry season, but some are planned outages for maintenance, like all day. One main ferreterria sublet its front to somebody else and are working out of their old bodega on the side street.
    La Casita moved to take out only due to water shortage. El Italiano extended his restaurant to the rear to get some shade. Good grub. The friday veggie fair in central park has expanded by wrapping around the other street in front of the cathedral. Didn't help much with the parking situation, the church had the only good parking downtown.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Daddy-YO
    Even the Christian Crusaders in that 13th century setting speak modern Turk - robbery! NATO should remove all their missile bases in retribution. Check their Netflix contract. And the women showing their lascivious lips - blasphemy!
    Got thru season 4 on netflix, then found a bootleg channel on fiesbuk for season 5.
    Nice to see a show with superb acting and directing, no cheesecake, and dignified violence. Never too big on Islam, but when you see the barbarian competition (Mogols) they look like champions! Tje next series, about Osman the founder of the Ottoman
    empire, starts in September but who knows when it will appear on netflix.

    Now netflix has a Bolivar series. A little too much bedroom antics and too many female camp followers in the army, but pretty good up to about episode 40 when it starts going full telenovela. Knowing Netflix, it will probably go lesbian before it ends.
  10. el duende grande's Avatar
    Still chugging along
    Burglar alarm 2 blocks away on an un-occupied house went off. good news, our bedroom faces the other direction so with the AC on we cannot hear it while sleeping. but a family member in the front bedroom lost a nights sleep. Last time I tried to see if I could cut off the power, but it looks like I would have to insulate some bolt cutters and cut their main power line. I wonder if Youtube has a video on this??? Anyway, next day we went to selva Negra with some friends and it was finally off when we came back. SN cool and quiet, good lunch crowd but few guests. Always a pleasure to sit on the terazza and watch the wind blow.
    Sinsa had a sale! No customers to speak of, no stuff piled in the aisles, and nothing I wanted to buy, but nice to see a little movement in the economy. Sort of.
    Trash not picked up 2 weeks in a row,, street dogs having a banquet, what a mess. I tie my trash up in a tree, but I need to provide a new string every week because the trash dude doesn't do slip knots.
    Rainy season pretty dry, rio Esteli at the Panam bridge has reverted to pasture, our potholes dry and dusty and now we are theoretical in the caniqula. Maracuya going gangbusters, ayote dwarfed, chaya just slightly waking up. Speaking of food, we found our first red chiltoma at the super in more than a year, seems like they are picking them all green and getting them of to market. Sad because different color chiles have different vitamins so it is better to have both.

    Saw the first "Daniel in 2021" sign by the road. The Paint Party is here to stay, onward to more victories.
  11. Daddy-YO's Avatar
    Even the Christian Crusaders in that 13th century setting speak modern Turk - robbery! NATO should remove all their missile bases in retribution. Check their Netflix contract. And the women showing their lascivious lips - blasphemy!
  12. el duende grande's Avatar
    Then I got hooked on Resurrection Ertugrul, my new vikingos are turcos. With 90 shows per season it keeps me entertained during the hot sticky afternoons. Plus I like their swords better!
  13. Daddy-YO's Avatar
    Another month of misery season, bedroom AC and vikingos on Netflix are my salvation.
    For occasional counterpoint relief check-out an episode or two of 'Norsemen' (Nor-semen), also on Netflix, a bawdy Monty Python wannabe.
    Goes well with a stomach full of cheese soup.
  14. el duende grande's Avatar
    So. today was National Cuajada Soup Day. Sorry if I wasn't a religion major in skool and I still don't understand much of it. All went well, a little hot and sticky. Later someone proposed we order some home delivery pizza, no dissenters, but no extra for that famous American breakfast of pizza with eggs. Life in the jungle has changed in recent years.

    Grandkids and nephew kids had a great scream fest in our 10 foot above, ground pool in our 11 foot backyard. Dawgs know peeeple=leftovers and were happy. No bones this time, just pizza crusts and misc. Fed the kids Lemon Pie ice scream. They didn't like it but the dogs were not picky about it at all. Plastic pools are the rage now, saw one in a welding shop today, another below a tree in a construction site.

    Traffic on the Panam horrible lately, every one going to the beaches and fincas and supers but today was dead and hopefully deader tomorrow.

    One of my backup ferreterrias has apparently closed, another is still short on stock and my favorite had a complete change of personnel and attitude. Maybe I will get smart and stop building stuff and get some rest. Or see the Andes before I die.

    Latest project is my first greenhouse/shade house for shade plants and a plastic table with chairs for coffee time. Roof and 2 walls are up and we are filling the planters with suitable mix as we can get it. Hope to finish the ends this coming week.

    Another month of misery season, bedrtoom AC and vikingos on Netflix are my salvation.

    Another party tomorrow, somebody's new boyfriend is coming to visit and the whole family is on alert to give him a serious looking over. Hope he works out, the last jerk did her wrong. Lunch for the new guy and pullaso for dinner. Pullaso is good, except no bones for the dawgs.
  15. KeyWestPirate's Avatar
    You should really try El Camino Real.
    Price is about the same,, but they really have their shit together.

    It's Las Mercedes for white people (am I allowed to say that)?

    The killer buffet breakfast is only weekends now,, but still a great breakfast included weekdays.
    They just seem to do everything right.

    We're dropping off my daughter and spouse for a night there prior to their flight back,, and we want to try the Airport X. They offered to pay my fare at the Camino Real, but am curious about the Airport X

    I got a price of $31 on,, don't remember if that included taxes. They charge $5 and $3 for shuttle back and forth,,, with taxes Camino Real is right under $100. For a fast overnight,, I'd rather take the $50 and use it to buy Charmin at PriceSmart,, ---- unless the Airport X turns out to be a a real dump.

    When this economy finally REALLY dumps,, I will have the only Charmin in Nicaragua,, will be able to name my price. The rest of you will be using that single ply, brown Cuban stuff, with the wood chip inclusions.

    That $100 million from Taiwan will give Danny another month or two,, at the most.
  16. bill_bly_ca's Avatar
    There was a rash of posts on the Life in Shallow Jual Del Sur stating the same about US checks
  17. el duende grande's Avatar
    So, nice to be home, warts and all. Of all the things I notice when abroad, cleanliness stands out in my mind so a night in Las Mercedes gives me a day of clean before returning to the camping life. Speaking of cleanliness, the trash truck did not come this week. Lotta garbage on the street. I guess its a values thing, I like Chamuca trees more than garbage.
    La Mercedes is a comparative bargain at less than $100 otd, but they still haven't figured out how to cook bacon. Maybe a job for a Peace Corp mission?

    On the practical front, gave the little woman a check to deposit in our account for monthly expenses .No luck, bac said there is a new law that all Nic banks cannot accept checks drawn on US banks. To what degree this is the true poop I knoweth not, but bottom line one more nuisance to deal with.

    Planning our second annual family beach outing. Last year 's got canceled due to the festivities, but we are trying to pick up and move on.

    Airline situation has settled down, prices are ok if you are going to Miami or easy connections on the east coast, crappy for the west, CA, SA, and Europe. MGA was just getting to be a convenient place but now is back down to an also ran like Tegu or San Pedro. Had a nice flight out of Guate to DFW, but that is out for the future due to thieving anal retentive Honduras. Monitoring some fantastic bargains out of San Jose

    Finally broke ground on my little hobby greenhouse. Running about 12 years late, but you know what they say, it's hard to remember you came to drain the swamp when you are up to your elbows in alligators.
  18. el duende grande's Avatar
  19. bill_bly_ca's Avatar
    Anyway, the tube says the overpass by the US Consulate is semi-open and semi-working.

    Southbound apparently - It makes it easier for things to go south
  20. el duende grande's Avatar
    Anyway, took the peluche dog and made it to the trash spot in time. Amazing how an animal with such short legs can run so fast. Picked up some coco fibre on the road, it makes a good component for orchidea mix. The frost is definitely on the pumpkins and it really feels good to be up early.

    It seems the BCN has not yet implemented its 1% tax on bucks. when/if it does it will be passed on to consumers and furriners with foreign pensions will be the first to see it. Banpro's ATM still do not work with foreign debit cards. The others do, but with a bunch of mystery messages like "your card is not chip" but when you breath deeply for a count of 10 it processes your chip card and farts out brand new crispy bucks.. And it looks like nobody has programmed their ATMs for 1000 card notes.

    One of my main hardware stores seems to be out of stuff, a sign of poor capitalization I think. But most are doing a decent business right now and I can't think of any biggies who have gone out of business. Traffic, if anything, is worse and more vicious than before la situacion. It really irks me that somebody in such a high position as the President of the United States of America, and the greatest president since Teddy Roosevelt, could stoop so low as to steal my word and use as if it were his own. "Shithole" has such simple elegance, so much profound meaning, all in one short word! Poets could kill electrons up the Kazoo and never come up with such profound meaning.

    Anyway, the tube says the overpass by the US Consulate is semi-open and semi-working. That sounds about right. And the Consulate is open now for both citizen and Nica business. The wait for visa appointments is, of course, quite long. Their cat 3 travel advisory is a little over stated and outdated, but that is politics. I becha 51% of the peeple in State are dreaming that Trump will resign, so when they found out the Danny ain't no quitter their bubble was severely busted.

    Favorite rumor of the month is that Nicas who leave the country for more than 2 years will have their property confiscated. If it weren't for BS, what would we have to talk about? Corn? No known repercussions on expats for the McRusky and Nica acts. Expats have always been an asset for the Sandinistas, a political plumb and a cash cow, no logical reason this should change. But then, logic can be an iffy thing.

    Anyway, gotta go walk the other dogs. sunday is tranquilo, less traffic, few construction crews, etc.
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