el duende grande

  1. the joys of quarantine

    Still no mail so sent my income tax by DHL. 85 bucks, and to add insult to injury they did not have change for a 20 so I had to go find a coyote because the chica was alone and could not leave the office. Reminds me why I don't mind lockdown--at home I don't have to do other people's jobs for them. or so I think.

    Weather decent, sunny or bright shade for the mornings, cloudier afternoons. It is drier and the mudholes are going away. Canicula should be just around the corner.
  2. so, I started to watch the Consulates 4th of July thingy..

    It started off with the traditional Marine honor guard. I waited for the substance of the program which unfortuneatly never came.

    After a couple minutes of women's lib agitprop I switched off and came back later to find Latin music so I switched off again.

    It would have been better to have just re-broadcast Trump's Mt. Rushmore speech with Spanish subtitles.

    Spent a day with the immediate family in the countryside, nice to see the kid's running around in the ...
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