1. @%$@ Dish Network

    Man I hate this new Sat TV.

    We have 4 rooms with TVs and Two Dish Network receivers.

    The other day my girlfriend Laura did something with the remote that made it pollute the program guide with a ton of TV stations we don't have. I was getting tired of selecting something cool to watch and finding that it is not part of the programming we paid for. So I was looking for a way to remove all of those stations that we didn't pay for and couldn't find it on the remote. I go ...
  2. Do you remember where you were when he died?

    I just got internet today, so this posting meant was meant for yesterday.

    I was in 19 for most of 1980, in the US Navy, and living in San Diego. Looking back at my life back then, it is like someone else, like all my memories are for some other person. I was doing drugs then, mostly marijuana, and I really didnít have a care in the world. I was in training to become a sonar technician on a submarine. I have no idea how I ended up there. I was still a fuck-up, but enlisted in ...
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