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  1. Just Plain John Wayne's Avatar
    Wow, I worked around one of them floating Dry Docks one time but was not nearly that BIG...
  2. randude's Avatar
    It's funny, but I cannot see the comment that I posted with these last photos.

    The boat is about 365 feet long and can hold 144 cars. The project is called the 144 Car Ferry.

    Passengers? 1500 is the number but I wouldn't want to be on it if that many were on there.

    I will scan and post a document that shows the layout and the specs shortly.

    JW said he was interested in seeing some boat pictures so I posted this. I have been hesitant in the past to post too much information about myself on the web for reasons many of you know. I have a feeling that problem has been fixed and can loosen up a bit.
  3. Jonh's Avatar
    That's a big boat, there. How many cars/passengers?
  4. randude's Avatar
    As for complexity, the hull of the vessel is being built by the prime contractor and the super structure is being built by sub contractor on an island in the Puget Sound. Once both modules have been built to a certain degree the hull is moved to a dry dock and the super structure is brought down on a barge and loaded onto a dry dock. Dry docks are submersible devices and we can stagger their level of buoyancy to slide the super structure onto the hull. That I tell you is a very complex procedure with a high degree of risk. Once the two are joined it becomes a real ship and our men can start installing all of the systems the vessel will need to be a self contained unit. There are hundreds of systems for everything from generating power, propulsion to serving food. It is a lot of work. Every day we deal with everything from personnel problems, material acquisition to meeting all the requirements of the customer. I go home at night and fall into a vegetative state most nights. My girl friend doesn't understand because I work at a desk. We are hiring electricians if you know any. We pay a pretty high prevailing wage that I will not discuss in the open but will tell anyone that ask me in private. I believe we need another 20 people on top of the 35 we already have. I believe our customer needs some engineers too, but I can't speak for them.

    Here is the vessel right after they joined the super structure. It is on a dry dock in this photo. I will be glad to answer any questions that I am allowed for this project. These photos are from March. I will take some more pretty soon.

    The name of this vessel is Tokitae and the second vessel that is still just chunks of steel is going to be called the Sammish.

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  5. Daddy-YO's Avatar
    I hear ya. Been there, done that and I got the T-shirt that says "I love Nicaragua" to prove it.

    No question work/career has got to be a love affair, something you're passionate about. Sooner or later anyone working 'for the man' gets pushed into doing seemingly meaningless tasks, being treated like a cog in some corporate machine. And if you're heavily in debt or haven't built up enough 'emergency' funds, you've sold your soul to demon-money. It's tough to bail. Almost all of us were wage-slaves at one time or another.

    Save up and heed that American who wrote about quiet desperation. "A man is rich in proportion to the number of things he can afford to let alone." - Henry David Thoreau
  6. randude's Avatar
    First week at new job. I may have mentioned it is a mega huge corporation out of Germany that owns a lot of other huge companies. I have no real idea how huge they are, but in devices they are the biggest there is. And by electronics I mean system parts, not televisions. It is a company I have long respected and proud to now be part of.

    A couple years ago I was repelled by large companies because of their corporate policies that were stupid to common sense. Nothing has really changed in that respect, I just needed the work. A couple years ago I had a lot more oportunities than I have now. One person could blame the current president and the congress that just went out last election and another could say it was just the changing tides. In all truth is is probably a bit of both. A couple years ago I had a lot of excitement about the future and now I just don't know, but I still have to pay the bills until I figure it out.

    I had to go through an extensive background, credit check, and a drug test weeks before I could start. They went through my life with a fine tooth comb. I actually had some doubts to whether I would even get the job. I completely sold them on my abilities from a technical standpoint, but as many of you already know, my mid-life crisis about finished me off. Some of you may remember me having to fly from the gulf coast to the east coast Several times to attend court. Then I had my second divorce. 2009 was a year that ground me to almost nothing and I spent many thousands of dollars on legal fees, hotels, plane fairs etc between 2007-2009 because of my behavior. All that stuff was well documented and pulled up on a background check. Somehow I still got the job and I am thankful.

    The first week was faily typical of such a big company. Although I was extended an offer about a month ago, nothing was done to prepare for my arrival. None of the needed accounts were applied for, nor none of the needed equipment ordered. And whether I personally got the job or not the statement of work was still there, so the ordering of equipment would not have gone to waste. So week one I had No Computer, no email, not company accounts, nothing. I was loaned a hand-me-down laptop (not a bad really). I am told the lead time for a laptop from Dell is 6-8 weeks. But this laptop is a screamer with lots of RAM and they all use XP. I wounder if I will notice any difference at all when I get my new one. I just got it a couple hours ago. Too late to get anything accountwise or do any work before the weekend.

    The first day of work I went to lunch with some of the guys that sit around me. Although they are all engineers, they are a lot like me, the kind that are more grounded. I really like the guys I work with. We are all different in some way, but all seem rough around the edges. It reminds me of the guys I worked with in ship building. The second day a vendor bought us lunch so we would all see them talk about their product. Today I would have went to lunch with the guys again, but Laura was in town and we had plans to have lunch together. Next week we have an all-hands meeting and there will be breakfast and lunch served. It is almost like my new job is lunch. Maybe Monday I will be doing something for the company besides chewing. My background is fairly broad, but leaning towards power distribution, control systems and integrated machinery control. My boss told me today that I will be in charge of the graphics that people see when they use a computer to control a machinery plant. That is something I have never done, know nothing about, I don't know the software, how to store it, organize it, retrieve it etc. It is about as far from my line as you can get. I am glad to be given the opportunity, but I wonder what people are thinking sometimes. I am going to still try to have fun with it. I am sure a lot more is going to be piled onto me in the weeks and months to come. I really want to learn ever atom of this company, so I guess starting on the thing I know the least about is a good way to start.
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