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    Oh, yeah. When you buy a box of medicine count the pills before you leave. Since they sell pills per each, many boxes have been raided. probably New Employee Syndrome.

    An what's the deal with our mini-sinsa? Lotta new employees, mostly very short females.
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    Employees can't work night shift because of street crime and lack of public transit. Plus it would probably just not go over do to family life.

    Quote Originally Posted by KeyWestPirate
    Nicaragua is always a measured balance between La Vida Buena and La Vida Loca

    All those remesas flooding in next year will raise the cost of living, and the cost and availability of campo labor.
    Pretty soon Nicaragua will be importing labor from . . . . . China ?
    I'm really surprised that we haven't seen some Chinese driven projects like the big stadium in Costa Rica, built with Chinese imported labor.

    Why don't they stock shelves outside of business hours like in US ?
    Lock doors, search employees as they leave their shift.

    Who owns Walmart in Nicaragua now? They said that they were leaving.
  3. bill_bly_ca's Avatar
    Wally world Central america (as a whole) was up for sale but not sold yet is wgat I recall
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