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  1. Let the games begin...

    Well tomorrow is a manufactured holiday of the provincial government (Equal to a "State" or "Deprtmento") Called "Family day". It has been around 3 yrs now.

    Well it looks like our Casa is on the rotation for the gathering tonight..

    Most of the troope below are here tonight..

    There are a few ...
  2. San Juan Del Sur Panelized House

    Just a note this is a panel house SIP PANELES constructed with 5 Nicas, in 7 days in San Juan Del Sur... If you go to the original port entrance it is on the left hand side. We spent the first day clearing the lot of all the trashed dumped on it.

    This is the first house that we have used our new panel roofing...

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  3. Johann Gutenburg never had these problems

    Quote Originally Posted by Jonh View Post
    I recently bought a Sony Touch e-reader. It's a very nicely designed unit, crafted in flat black metal for a masculine, testosterone-laden feel. It's simple, it works well.

    However, I've had two failures in less than a month. Both happened when I was recharging it. Oh, by the way, Sony doesn't think you'd ever want to plug it into a wall outlet to recharge it so they didn't include a wall charger. But one is available online for $30 plus shipping. Gee, thanks Sony. The unit
  4. Driving Tips for Most of Nicaragua

    I have been driving in Nicaragua,since I first went back in late 1989. I have not had a single accident,Knock on wood, I have however, several scares and dodged a couple of would be tickets.

    There have been numerous upgrades to many Nicaraguan roads that now make it not only safer,but more enjoyable,yeah there is still a handful of roads that still need fixing, it took a disaster like Mitch to fix our primary roads, but hey, at least they DID get done,but that is another story behind ...
  5. Rule of Thumb on Safety in Nicaragua!!

    This posting will get a bunch of different opinion(which is the goal).

    The over all rule of thumb for a Safe Stay/Living in Nicaragua depends on a number of things, lets explore together these few things We ALL need to be aware of and opinion on a city by city basis..

    It is very important to understand that Safety and Crime rate varies from City to City,however each city can have a few things/habits in common, lets start there.

    One of the most important Safety ...
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