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  1. A tip!

    Citizens must be encouraged to tell their political leaders, presidents, governers and diputados and mayors and alcaldes or alcaldelsas, how they can be helped about being fired and forced to work as self-employed in the most simple way possible with forms like Google's My Business website contact form that I have attached, in place of applications.
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  2. Improvement Effort

    The return of the secretary is a choice made by executives for the theoretical value of their work, with a mood of resigned acceptance. And negotiations as to how to integrate her with files aged by technology are at an advanced stage.
  3. Add these words to your sales model:

    Theoretical, acceptance and advanced, advice, approach and engagement, elemental, affair and clean, helpful, adjust and arrangement.
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  4. Hola!

    I didn't know I had a blog! I am so glad I do!!
  5. The Road to Bluefields

    Quote Originally Posted by Little Corn Tom View Post
    What has been the impact on Bluefields?

    Bluefields was not built for the amount of vehicles there, even before the road it was a mess, now is a clusterF***.

    Surprisingly the road did not improve quality of produce and such nor did prices drop.

    Economy is so weak there right now that it is hard to tell much.

    Think 6 buses a day now between MGA and Bluefields each way, scattered through day and night, and they seem
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