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  1. travel

    Watching the airline situation for gp. If the others open up within a couple weeks some sort of sucky new normal will prevail. right now their websites are all screwed up. Airport reports Aeromex flights from Cancun but their website is silent. Charters?

    Also, anything less than daily flights is really tough to google unless you know exactly which days. Seems Avianca arrives 2 days per week and leaves 2 days. A couple airline websites choked and died when I pushed the "flexible ...
  2. National Tambor month cancelled

    With the schools closed we haven't been serenaded with the beating drums for the last month. Patriotic Days are upon us and all quiet in the morning. Parades later. Traffic to watering holes in Tisey high this weekend. Covid, parades, family gatherings, and juaro are a potent mix. Good thing we have Swedish health care so there will be no spike in cases in 7 days. Some stores have been backing off on their safety protocols. Let's see if Nicaraguan exceptionalism holds.

    Another plague ...
  3. the joys of quarantine

    Still no mail so sent my income tax by DHL. 85 bucks, and to add insult to injury they did not have change for a 20 so I had to go find a coyote because the chica was alone and could not leave the office. Reminds me why I don't mind lockdown--at home I don't have to do other people's jobs for them. or so I think.

    Weather decent, sunny or bright shade for the mornings, cloudier afternoons. It is drier and the mudholes are going away. Canicula should be just around the corner.
  4. so, I started to watch the Consulates 4th of July thingy..

    It started off with the traditional Marine honor guard. I waited for the substance of the program which unfortuneatly never came.

    After a couple minutes of women's lib agitprop I switched off and came back later to find Latin music so I switched off again.

    It would have been better to have just re-broadcast Trump's Mt. Rushmore speech with Spanish subtitles.

    Spent a day with the immediate family in the countryside, nice to see the kid's running around in the ...
  5. YouTube of the day

    Quote Originally Posted by Daddy-YO View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by cookshow View Post
    1k or more to get out, Spirit ... cancelled.
    Thanks Cookshow. I called and wrote embassy and joined - zero. Earliest day Spirit let me book, MGA thru to Philly, was July 30, for a song - I guess it's more like a lottery ticket. We'll see.
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