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  1. Regarding Writers, Salesmen, Advertising and Poking Fun!

    Originally Posted by mupitara
    After I finished my very first blog (see Kuka´s Kubús) on TRN, I was so excited that I wanted to write something else to post immediately. The only thing is that when I sat down to write I came up with nine different experiences that I wanted to tell you about!

    After all, this is your opportunity to learn all about life with the Indians in the outback of the atlantic coast of Nicaragua. I really couldn´t decide which one to write about first. And,
  2. A Modest Proposal for Nicaragua

    What Nicaragua needs is ex-pats who are poets, artists, musicians, and writers, not small businessmen looking to make money from poverty.

    Moving to Nicaragua for artists is like moving to the Lower East Side or various hippie enclaves was in the 1960s. The only things that will draw richer people to the poor neighborhoods of the world are vibrant arts community or vibrant gay communities (Asheville, NC, advertises its vibrant gay community as a draw to rich retired people who know ...
  3. A Texan´s Fairy Tale (Part 2 of 2) Hunting on the Reserve

    Continued from...
    A Texan´s Fairy Tale (Part 1 of 2) The Family´s Situation

    Well in case you fine folks decided to skip Part 1, I´d better repeat something that I explained there:

    Me being a misplaced Texan and all, I feel obliged to preface the story that I´m about to continue to tell with,
    ¨Ya´ll ain´t gonna believe this s&$*, but......¨

    Hunting on the Reserve


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  4. A Texan´s Fairy Tale (Part 1 of 2) The Family´s Situation

    A friend of mine on a flyfishing club forum in Texas recently posted the following:

    Texas Flyfishers Piscatorial Patter/Puck
    In typical fairy tales the the beginning starts::
    "Once upon at time......"

    A typical Texas fairy tale begins::
    "Ya'll ain't gonna believe this s&$*, but......"

    A Texan´s Fairy Tale

    Well JPJW and the rest of you fine folks,

    Me being a misplaced ...

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  5. Can people really live as ex-pats on the minimum requirement?

    Someone thought that I would be rich by Nicaraguan standards, but the reality that I saw in Esteli was that some people were really rich and had either houses with guard dogs or armed guards or lived behind a 16 foot masonry wall topped with razor wire. In Jinotega, people seemed to be more even in status, but the housing conditions seemed comparable to 1960s Lower East Side New York, maybe some better, and at about the same prices ($40 to $150 for rooms and apartment).

    I lived in ...
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