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  1. Sunday drive

    Nice trip to Selva Negra. Unbelievable sunday crowd, happy city families enjoying the cool and greenery. Nice to see they have the business because this is one of Nic's jewels.

    Orchid garden not blooming this time of year but nice to see what's there for a possible April trip, but will go weekday. I lived in a town in the US that had weekend tourism and you have to adapt.
  2. Shanghied to "park behind where Profamilia used to be"

    "Click", about 3 blocks in on left. Kinda like an open air food court with kids play area and some landscaping. 2 thumbs up. Interior parking, evangelicos so no booze and no drunks.

    Paved big potholes on Panam. Anybody ever notice the 2 Cedas on the Panam by maxiPali? Panam traffic is supposed to yield to traffic going in and out of the gasolinero in the hole.

    Saba farmacia taking over, numerous orange and green sites scattered around town. Semi-air conditioned, ...
  3. Working in the garden, always a pleasure

    till wife came with bad news. The aunt of the kid's maid was murdered. Seems she sold a cow and that night somebody came for the proceeds.

    Other than that, the bacanal has not quite ended with everybody hungover and broke on the 25th. Buttload of money still in country, airport running 10-11 flights a day. Local professional estimates that the thievery season will run till end of January. There is just too much money and stupid left for it to end sooner.

    Fallout from the ...
  4. Esteli Chisme

    Quote Originally Posted by el duende grande View Post
    Seasons' Greetings!

    Visited friends in the campo--carpenter had his hand power tools robbed from his shop which is pegado a su casa de tablas. No doubt a friend or neighbor, but they have street visibility so maybe a spotter got them.

    Got home to thick traffic, hospital to entrada de rosario packed but moving slowly southbound lane worse. Only saw one accident, car rearended a car that stopped for a bus that stopped in the main lane to unload passengers.

  5. travel

    Watching the airline situation for gp. If the others open up within a couple weeks some sort of sucky new normal will prevail. right now their websites are all screwed up. Airport reports Aeromex flights from Cancun but their website is silent. Charters?

    Also, anything less than daily flights is really tough to google unless you know exactly which days. Seems Avianca arrives 2 days per week and leaves 2 days. A couple airline websites choked and died when I pushed the "flexible ...
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