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  1. Third Day Back

    I woke this morning at 3AM to do some work for a client in Dallas, found out why my computer was giving me fan errors (I'd stuffed it with various cables,, fan couldn't turn). Re-arranged the computer station so it almost makes sense.

    Jaido showed up and we left for Estelí. The larger bags I needed for the apple trees were not available in Condega, but we did successfully find them in Estelí at one of the Plastinic stores. We had a couple of less significant ...
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  2. My Current Project

    As some of you know I usually design boats or more specifically ships. I use the rule that over 100 feet is a ship.

    My current project is for the State of Washington. We are building two ferries with a contract price of $220 Million. My role in this officially is the quality control manager for the electrical installations. What I really do is a bit more than that in controlling the construction of this vessel. We are currently contracted to build two of these, but the state has indicated ...
  3. When that thang Busted

    Ya'll bear with me a bittill ya see EOM on the last post before any comments if ya would.Reason being I want to keep the photos along with the text. I havenot the skills others do like Catahoola Fan does in making aprofessional lookin' presentation. It will I am sure take me a bit toget it all in so the whole writing flows from one page to the next.Thanks in advance.. JW

    Now I have said before,and I will do so again; that when I did come to the DAC (DangerousAtlantic Coast) ...
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  4. I believe lake Apanas has a pollution problem.

    Fishermen here have been complaining for more then a year how their catches have been declining. Two years ago a fisherman could catch well over a hundred one pound and up fish. Now they have to fish all day for just eight to ten half pound fish. The fishermen here in the Apanas area close to Jinotega say it is the same for both Tilapia and Guapote though the Tilapia are the most common.
    It is assumed that it is because of increased pollution of the lake. Fishermen have asked MARENA ...
  5. Cock of the Walk

    On my recent visit to Nica last week, after about a 1.5 year abscence, I noticed the Mi Gallo Mas Gallo signs around MGA and Leon. My Spanish is very poor, so my literal translation of the sign was the chicken.... more chicken. I thought the cock on the sign was the Tip Top chicken on steroids... so it kinda made sense. I was satisified with my own translation, until as events ended up, we went shopping at Mi Gallo Mas Gallo.... and it's actually a furniture store!

    I finally broke ...
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