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  1. Daddy-YO's Avatar
    Even the Christian Crusaders in that 13th century setting speak modern Turk - robbery! NATO should remove all their missile bases in retribution. Check their Netflix contract. And the women showing their lascivious lips - blasphemy!
  2. el duende grande's Avatar
    Then I got hooked on Resurrection Ertugrul, my new vikingos are turcos. With 90 shows per season it keeps me entertained during the hot sticky afternoons. Plus I like their swords better!
  3. Daddy-YO's Avatar
    Another month of misery season, bedroom AC and vikingos on Netflix are my salvation.
    For occasional counterpoint relief check-out an episode or two of 'Norsemen' (Nor-semen), also on Netflix, a bawdy Monty Python wannabe.
    Goes well with a stomach full of cheese soup.
  4. el duende grande's Avatar
    So. today was National Cuajada Soup Day. Sorry if I wasn't a religion major in skool and I still don't understand much of it. All went well, a little hot and sticky. Later someone proposed we order some home delivery pizza, no dissenters, but no extra for that famous American breakfast of pizza with eggs. Life in the jungle has changed in recent years.

    Grandkids and nephew kids had a great scream fest in our 10 foot above, ground pool in our 11 foot backyard. Dawgs know peeeple=leftovers and were happy. No bones this time, just pizza crusts and misc. Fed the kids Lemon Pie ice scream. They didn't like it but the dogs were not picky about it at all. Plastic pools are the rage now, saw one in a welding shop today, another below a tree in a construction site.

    Traffic on the Panam horrible lately, every one going to the beaches and fincas and supers but today was dead and hopefully deader tomorrow.

    One of my backup ferreterrias has apparently closed, another is still short on stock and my favorite had a complete change of personnel and attitude. Maybe I will get smart and stop building stuff and get some rest. Or see the Andes before I die.

    Latest project is my first greenhouse/shade house for shade plants and a plastic table with chairs for coffee time. Roof and 2 walls are up and we are filling the planters with suitable mix as we can get it. Hope to finish the ends this coming week.

    Another month of misery season, bedrtoom AC and vikingos on Netflix are my salvation.

    Another party tomorrow, somebody's new boyfriend is coming to visit and the whole family is on alert to give him a serious looking over. Hope he works out, the last jerk did her wrong. Lunch for the new guy and pullaso for dinner. Pullaso is good, except no bones for the dawgs.
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