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    Quote Originally Posted by Daddy-YO
    Even the Christian Crusaders in that 13th century setting speak modern Turk - robbery! NATO should remove all their missile bases in retribution. Check their Netflix contract. And the women showing their lascivious lips - blasphemy!
    Got thru season 4 on netflix, then found a bootleg channel on fiesbuk for season 5.
    Nice to see a show with superb acting and directing, no cheesecake, and dignified violence. Never too big on Islam, but when you see the barbarian competition (Mogols) they look like champions! Tje next series, about Osman the founder of the Ottoman
    empire, starts in September but who knows when it will appear on netflix.

    Now netflix has a Bolivar series. A little too much bedroom antics and too many female camp followers in the army, but pretty good up to about episode 40 when it starts going full telenovela. Knowing Netflix, it will probably go lesbian before it ends.
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    Still chugging along
    Burglar alarm 2 blocks away on an un-occupied house went off. good news, our bedroom faces the other direction so with the AC on we cannot hear it while sleeping. but a family member in the front bedroom lost a nights sleep. Last time I tried to see if I could cut off the power, but it looks like I would have to insulate some bolt cutters and cut their main power line. I wonder if Youtube has a video on this??? Anyway, next day we went to selva Negra with some friends and it was finally off when we came back. SN cool and quiet, good lunch crowd but few guests. Always a pleasure to sit on the terazza and watch the wind blow.
    Sinsa had a sale! No customers to speak of, no stuff piled in the aisles, and nothing I wanted to buy, but nice to see a little movement in the economy. Sort of.
    Trash not picked up 2 weeks in a row,, street dogs having a banquet, what a mess. I tie my trash up in a tree, but I need to provide a new string every week because the trash dude doesn't do slip knots.
    Rainy season pretty dry, rio Esteli at the Panam bridge has reverted to pasture, our potholes dry and dusty and now we are theoretical in the caniqula. Maracuya going gangbusters, ayote dwarfed, chaya just slightly waking up. Speaking of food, we found our first red chiltoma at the super in more than a year, seems like they are picking them all green and getting them of to market. Sad because different color chiles have different vitamins so it is better to have both.

    Saw the first "Daniel in 2021" sign by the road. The Paint Party is here to stay, onward to more victories.
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