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  1. RIO PRINZAPOLKA - Watermelon Capitol of the World! (Part 2 of 2)

    Back to the Future

    Last week we spent four days sport fishing with a guest along the Rio Prinzapolka. Our objective for this outing was to travel up and down portions of the Rio Prinzapolka in an attempt to catch fish. We hoped to prove the Rio Prinzapolka to be the Snook and Tarpon Capitol of the World! That, unfortunately for us, didn´t happen.

    This time of year the dry season is well advanced and the river is nearing its lowest level for the year. People in nearly ...
  2. RIO PRINZAPOLKA - Watermelon Capitol of the World! (Part 1 of 2)

    OK, I admit it is a brash statement. And while it is also a fact that I am an adopted Texan who has somehow found his way further south into northeastern Nicaragua, it occured to me to make this claim because of something I remember as a young boy in my birthplace of Bald Knob, Arkansas rather than my adolescent and adulthood years in ¨bigger is better¨ Texas. But, please give me a chance to explain.

    A Blast from the Past

    In the early fifties when I was born, ...
  3. Traveling to Nicaragua

    I will be traveling to Nicaragua late next week and will be all over the place.

    Big Corn
    Little Corn

    I will be glad to mule anything down (within reason).

    I have stuff for Melissa and Kevin now.

    Let me know if you need anything for me to pick up for you or PM me for my address if you want anything shipped to me.
  4. The Missing Tourist and Wiesie´s Tail

    Here´s a story (one of my favorites) that I posted on Facebook last year. Since that time, FB has taken back virtually all of the features that allowed me to publish (e.g. Note Tabs, Links Widget) my work there. Since nobody can find my work on FB anymore, I decided to see if anyone would read it here on I suspect that Jonh and his henchmen will soon figure me out and start tightening up TRN Blogs, as well!

    I had a young man from Seattle make an impromtu trip ...
  5. How to live on less money more comfortably

    I read different people talking about living well in Nicaragua with some idea that Nicaraguan poverty is an opportunity for them, expecting that they'll be able to sub-develop that country property when the hordes of retiring baby boomers show up.

    The key to living well on less here is not buying country property and renting in one of the departmento capitals rather than buying. I suspect I'm lucky -- my rent is a bit less than $80 a month for a half-house (one bedroom, bit rustic, ...
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