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  1. A Three Hour Tour (Part 2)

    OK, now we had an objective! This was no longer a fishing trip. Now, it was a game of capture the flag between the dory team and the piscatorial ¨Silver Team¨. The tarpon had our lure. And, we wanted it back!

    The bell rang again signalling that it was time to return to the ring.

    Our challenger began moving up the creek. We followed along behind and slightly to one side of her. She had opted to veer to the right fork of the creek into what was called Wari Watla. Continuing ...

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  2. A Three Hour Tour (Part 1)

    The Ballad of Gilligan´s Island

    Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale,
    A tale of a fateful trip
    That started from this tropic port
    Aboard this tiny ship.

    The mate was a mighty sailing man,
    The skipper brave and sure.
    Five passengers set sail that day
    For a three hour tour, a three hour tour.

    The weather started getting rough,
    The tiny ship was tossed,
    If not for the courage of the
  3. Begged, Borrowed, or Stolen

    On a recent trip downriver I was fortunate enough to recover my long-loaned, apparently lost, reportedly sold, and considered stolen mahogany dugout dory which miraculously turned up in nearby Tuberús on the banks of the Rio Prinzapolka. Seferino had borrowed it from me to loan to a close friend who lives in Klarindan just downriver from Alamikamba. In return, the friend agreed to patch the leaks and return it when I needed it. Seferino´s friend in turn loaned - or, more probably sold - the dory ...
  4. September 2011 Trip Report

    OK, so I didn´t JUST get back to civilization from a 15-day trip to paradise 9 hours by slow boat downriver from the nearest town (Alamikamba) in Nicaragua.

    I returned five days ago. But, upon my arrival, FB ate my status post after it complained that I was too verbose then offering to turn it into a note. When I accepted, FB apparently turned my post over to the bit bucket instead. I lost my temper and decided to blow off making a report instead. Who cares anyway?

  5. New Member


    Finally got registered as a member! I wasn't aware this site existed until I started searching for plants of Nicaragua, and some of the pics in the blogs came up. I always seemed to stop on the TRN homepage and not get much further though, until just this week. I am also a member of the NL site (with the same screen name).

    My interest in Nica is mainly because part of my family on the wife's side is from Nica (MGA & Leon). I have been traveling to Nica for ...
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