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  1. Kuka´s Kubús

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    Kuka Siú

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    Here most of the cooking and making of charcoal is done with the Nancite fruit wood......

    Nobody here in Alamikamba or surrounding communities utilizes carbón instead of leña. The extra effort involved in converting firewood to charcoal is simply not justified. It is much easier and cheaper to bring fallen timber or sawmill waste home for cooking. Charcoal is a suitable choice where transportation costs and control ...

    Updated 05-09-2010 at 10:55 AM by mupitara (Added photo of venison, guan, and currasow being smoked)

  2. No Porn!

    The post the other day about loud porn in Granada jogged my memory about a funny incident one afternoon in MGA. A few buddies and I were hanging out in one of the better regarded brothels that are pretty commonplace throughout the city. As we were partaking of some of Nicaragua's finest, (uh, beverages) an obviously high ranking police officer entered with a small entourage. A murmur went through the crowd that "the Inspector" was here. The lights were raised a little and the volume of ...
  3. San Juan Del Sur Panelized House

    Just a note this is a panel house SIP PANELES constructed with 5 Nicas, in 7 days in San Juan Del Sur... If you go to the original port entrance it is on the left hand side. We spent the first day clearing the lot of all the trashed dumped on it.

    This is the first house that we have used our new panel roofing...

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  4. The Main Nicaragua Cultural problem is:

    Too many folks,thinking they know too much about our culture,when in fact they DON'T.

    Believe it or not,Nicaragua has MANY cultural faces,some folks in the North WILL act/react different than those south,thus creating a cultural diversity.
    While those living in SJDS,Managua,RASS,ETCmay be in touch with the LOCAL culture,they may be out of touch with the Northern culture.
    Just because you lived 13+years around the Granada area and the RASS,don't think you would be an expert ...
  5. Nicaraguan Slangs/Dichos

    Slangs are a Nicaraguan way of every day life, some people consider some slangs as "vulgar" yet, those who are interrested in learning the language in my humble Nicaraguan opinion, Slangs are essential, the good thing about it is that you don't necessarily have to use the slangs but, rather know what they mean

    Anybody likes to know what the heck someone may be calling you or talking about, below I will put a few slangs that just came to my head, lets see if I get some cooperation ...
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