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  1. KeyWestPirate's Avatar
    You should really try El Camino Real.
    Price is about the same,, but they really have their shit together.

    It's Las Mercedes for white people (am I allowed to say that)?

    The killer buffet breakfast is only weekends now,, but still a great breakfast included weekdays.
    They just seem to do everything right.

    We're dropping off my daughter and spouse for a night there prior to their flight back,, and we want to try the Airport X. They offered to pay my fare at the Camino Real, but am curious about the Airport X

    I got a price of $31 on,, don't remember if that included taxes. They charge $5 and $3 for shuttle back and forth,,, with taxes Camino Real is right under $100. For a fast overnight,, I'd rather take the $50 and use it to buy Charmin at PriceSmart,, ---- unless the Airport X turns out to be a a real dump.

    When this economy finally REALLY dumps,, I will have the only Charmin in Nicaragua,, will be able to name my price. The rest of you will be using that single ply, brown Cuban stuff, with the wood chip inclusions.

    That $100 million from Taiwan will give Danny another month or two,, at the most.
  2. bill_bly_ca's Avatar
    There was a rash of posts on the Life in Shallow Jual Del Sur stating the same about US checks
  3. el duende grande's Avatar
    So, nice to be home, warts and all. Of all the things I notice when abroad, cleanliness stands out in my mind so a night in Las Mercedes gives me a day of clean before returning to the camping life. Speaking of cleanliness, the trash truck did not come this week. Lotta garbage on the street. I guess its a values thing, I like Chamuca trees more than garbage.
    La Mercedes is a comparative bargain at less than $100 otd, but they still haven't figured out how to cook bacon. Maybe a job for a Peace Corp mission?

    On the practical front, gave the little woman a check to deposit in our account for monthly expenses .No luck, bac said there is a new law that all Nic banks cannot accept checks drawn on US banks. To what degree this is the true poop I knoweth not, but bottom line one more nuisance to deal with.

    Planning our second annual family beach outing. Last year 's got canceled due to the festivities, but we are trying to pick up and move on.

    Airline situation has settled down, prices are ok if you are going to Miami or easy connections on the east coast, crappy for the west, CA, SA, and Europe. MGA was just getting to be a convenient place but now is back down to an also ran like Tegu or San Pedro. Had a nice flight out of Guate to DFW, but that is out for the future due to thieving anal retentive Honduras. Monitoring some fantastic bargains out of San Jose

    Finally broke ground on my little hobby greenhouse. Running about 12 years late, but you know what they say, it's hard to remember you came to drain the swamp when you are up to your elbows in alligators.
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