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  1. Hi CharlieDog,
    I hardly check this board anymore. Today I'm in San Jose CR and had nothing to do.

    Seems like most of my friends that were on the board either died...or disappeared. The board could probably be useful for me to encourage potential clients to come visit my hotelito in Alamikamba, but, I don't have daily - more like monthly - access to internet.

    Yes, that was the last time that I saw Marty. And, I was convinced that Marty was literally on his deathbed!

    Unfortunately, I later learned that Marty was merely playing myself and my friends at Casa San Francisco as marks for his scam. I was very disappointed and embarassed to later learn what Marty had done because it was I who introduced him to Terry and Nancy..and..Granada for that matter! I hope that he didn't stick YOU for too much.

    I was happy to help out Marty even though I had already determined after two years of patiently waiting for him to decide to actually work with me instead of just making empty promises. Later after I found out what he did to CSF, however, I refused to renew relations with him when he attempted to contact me. At that time he told me that he was involved in some kind of renewable energy project - undoubtedly a scam. Since then, I have seen nor heard nothing about him.

    I am doing fairly well in Alamikamba. Unfortunately, the poor economy has made it difficult to reduce my losses in my business ventures. I'm always an optimist, though! The fellow that dropped by with the motorcycle is a missionary who lives with his family in Granada. He brought a group of north americans to Alamikamba last week to dig a water well.

    Hope things are well with you.

  2. Hi, Mupitara,
    I met you 2 years ago in Granada, when Marty claimed that he was on death's door. You came with one of your friends (someone on a motorcycle, I think?). Anyhow, you gave me money to give to Marty, because you thought that he was dying (as were the rest of the people he lied to). I hope that you're doing well, and that everyone at Alamikanban is also doing well
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