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  1. Redundant in a way. But just some random thoughts, I by the way am a reluctant FB fan, driven by family and friends. At first I refused to post anything but the most basic, then I started to get requests for more posting. Anyway, a Facebook page would most likely drive up the numbers on TRN related to Nicaragua interest and it might, I say might, encourage folks to post non Nicaragua related items on Facebook. I have been posting Nicaragua related images lately hoping to do my part in making TRN more about Nicaragua. Many of the non Nicaragua related postings of mine are duplicates of items I post on Facebook.
  2. Hey, Dan - the only reason I don't do a TRN FB page is it seems redundant. Am I missing something? I do have a personal FB page.
  3. Jonh, just wondering if you have considered a facebook page, if is so, why have you not done so?
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