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  1. Jonh,

    Have you seen Cookshow online? I sent him an urgent personal message yesterday, but, he hasnt responded. Right now Im in a no cash mode. So, I cant just phone him!
  2. Hi Jonh,
    Im trying to track readers hits on my blogs. When the blog gets re-posted on the homepage it appears that no hit count is recorded on the blog link. How can I tell how many times the file was opened?

    Also, it appears that comments to the blog which were re-posted on the homepage are not actually kept with the blog entry.

    What is actually taking place?

  3. Hi Jonh,
    I want to post a thread asking readers for advice on what vehicle might work for me to carry up to six guests in the rainy season across about 25 km of unimproved back roads, swamps, creek crossings, mud, etc. here in lowland country of Prinzapolka. Im thinking balloon tires and very light construction. A german Unimog would be outstanding except that the price is too!

    Where should I post this?

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