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  1. Hi Cathy, good to hear from you. The thread about Bobby is in the Site Dedication forum, and it's titled "I guess we have to do it again" by cookshow.
  2. Hi, Jonh! Merry Christmas to you and yours. Listen, my (now) ex husband told me today that he'd read on TRN that Bobby from Granada died. I can't seem to find this info on TRN. Is it true? And, if so, will you direct me to links about that? I rented from him for 3 months...
  3. Hi, Jonh. I'd really like it if you'd include me in your friends group. My laptop just went all silly on me, otherwise Id have the major diacritical marks in place. What do you know about John Wayne. Sorry, but I cant get my stupid laptop to recognize some symbols!
  4. Hey, John - I don't know if you've realized that you have La Prensa listed as La Presna on the home page. FYI.
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