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  1. TRN regular mail ain't working. I tried texting you, but no luck. Just got a message from a little girl when I rang the number you sent. Not much luck reaching you so far! Next Granada market is the second Sunday of March, the 10th, at Hotel La Bocona, from 10am until noon. I will post info as we approach the date onto the TRN site under EVENTS.
  2. I'm here and have Roger's compressor. We have been busier than a hound dog with multiple genitalia -renting a house, getting phone, getting a lot of work done on the finca, etc, etc The water has gone out three times in a week, and I forgot to close the tap last night after I opened it and nothing came out. So the kitchen was flooded . . . No big deal, just more time that could have been spend better.

    I think the easiest way for us to hook up is one of the farmer's markets you frequent. Is there a schedule posted anywhere ?

    We do have a phone: 271 52810

    John & Shelley
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