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  1. Well, New Orleans also had George Alec Effinger -- on line friend brought him up recently. Either of them would be good (I haven't read Asprin; my more recent tastes have been more outre like Samuel R. Delany).

    I tried to send you a message -- if it didn't get through, the short version was that I enjoy reading about your gardening efforts. I used to have gardens in Virginia and Philadelphia.

    I do find people who want to be paid to help the Nicaraguan people (or the mountain people) operating under the assumption that you can break a horse to a book (or garden in Nicaragua using a book written by someone in New England) rather tedious. Knowing how to do three wire grounded outlets and plumbing seem rather useful here given that my house is wired with lamp cord.
  2. I am a lover of books, read anything I can get my hands on. Never done the Sci Fi stuff. For many years I lived in New Orleans off and on, had a place in the French Quarter. Came to know a bartender, Robert Asprin. Knew him several years before I ever figured out who he was.
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