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  1. Oh I forgot to ask when you will be there for seed delivery. Ed said you are leaving about the time I am coming. I will get there the afternoon of the 6th. Are you gone by then?
  2. Ed called last night and told me what happened on Christmas with that strange guy. He's so embarrassed. He said he just couldn't get rid of the guy. We met him at the Crab Soup festival. He was sitting with our lawyer. Then we saw him fixing a fence in Salley Peachie but that was it, never really friendly or anything. I can't believe the guy just wouldn't leave. Do you or Wanda know anything about this guy? Just want to tell you that Ed is realoy sorry that he couldn't get rid of him.
  3. I get an internal server error message when I try to pull up page 2 to find out your answer to the rain question. Could you give it to me from here? Sorry. Ed's seen Merle a couple of times at the Sunrise and said he looks like he's really doing well. Good news, he's an island fixture. Ed will no doubt be over to visit some time to vent. I sent him your phone umber.
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