Let the games begin...

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Well tomorrow is a manufactured holiday of the provincial government (Equal to a "State" or "Deprtmento") Called "Family day". It has been around 3 yrs now.

Well it looks like our Casa is on the rotation for the gathering tonight..

Most of the troope below are here tonight..

There are a few Smirnoff, FDC, one whiskey and various distilled hops...

So far Daniel has pestered me continuously to come with him in March to review "La finca"... Chilo is steadfast that her Husband is not going anywhere at all in Nicaragua with her brother without her supervision ... For Daniel, lets just say Uncle Sandi has been good to him and he has been trying to become a farmer with his FIL, MIL and BIL currently in country working the system.. um ... er land... He hopes to move back within the next 5 yrs...

So far things are pretty calm upstairs, but I see an evening of reminiscing and song coming.. Unfortunately I am on call tomorrow as the world does not revolve around out little province and will have to get some shut eye at a reasonable time tonight which will be a task indeed..

There are 3 (extended) family pets around with our 3. Also 4 or 5 chitlins from other assorted portions of the extended family are playing the Wii and shareing the i-net on other PC spread amoung the house...

Myself I am quietly hiding in the basement office with the new time waster "iTunes.. Importing 200 CDs from my misspent youth.. Damn it has been a long time since I listened to Boston 3rd stage and Pink Floyd the Final cut...

I will try to snap some pix and post later..

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  1. bill_bly_ca's Avatar
    No extra pictures or stories as all shuffled home at 9:30...

    Very uncharacteristic of the clan..

    I thought the place would be hopping... Oh well ..
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