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Finally got registered as a member! I wasn't aware this site existed until I started searching for plants of Nicaragua, and some of the pics in the blogs came up. I always seemed to stop on the TRN homepage and not get much further though, until just this week. I am also a member of the NL site (with the same screen name).

My interest in Nica is mainly because part of my family on the wife's side is from Nica (MGA & Leon). I have been traveling to Nica for about the last 8 years, mainly during Semana Santa or other holidays. Each year the country grows on me more and more, and with that my interest in keeping abreast of Nica events.

This year the family built a vacation beach house in Las Penitas on family controlled propery, so we can all gather together on Semana Santa or the in-Nica family can use during the numerous state and religious holidays. This has also extended in my interest in Nicaragua to learning more about the country's tropical plants and landscape architecture.

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