Navigating around TRN and other stuff

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I'm still having trouble figuring out how to get around this site.

I like to see the latest postings, so I go to what's new.. got that figured out, but everything else seems less than inituitive to me...

Last week the BIL went by the family house, and the cuidador wasn't there... so he tried to climb the wall. He's not a ladron but atheletic enough to figure out a way over the wall.

The outer wall is about 10 feet tall, but now the we are thinking about getting concertina or barbed wire for the wall. I'm not to thrilled about that, as it kinda ruins the whole feel of the place.

Any other options.... ?

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  1. mupitara's Avatar
    What do you mean JacksonK? You say that you´re still trying to figure out how to navigate TRN. Looks like you already figured out how to bump off other bloggers on the front page.

    That took me years to figure out!!!
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