Father in law - divorced again

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My wife got a call from the grapevine the other day informing her that her father was divorced again.

Her aunt (her dad's sister) didn't have enough time to fill in the details, so we were left hanging for a few days. Being a dedicated component of the grapevine, my wife texted her half-sister downstate, who replied, "Queeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?"

As the details trickled in, it became apparent that a relative had seen him on the street, asked how he was doing, and then, "How's Maritza?"

That prompted the reply, "I don't know. I haven't seen her since we divorced."

Part of me thought he was through with this part of his life and had stabilized, but part of me knew it was just a matter of time until he piled yet another disappointment on top of a lifetime of broken dysfunctional fatherhood.

His first wife was my mother in law, and they had a son and a daughter. His womanizing became a problem though, and brought about the end of that marriage. He'd owned a tobacco farm outside of Esteli. My mother in law moved back in with her parents and was supposed to get his farmland in the settlement, but the blackguard sold it and she got nothing. Zip Zero Nada. That was a cross she has borne all her life.

He remarried, this time to a doctor in Matagalpa. She bore him two sons and a daughter, all grown now and living in Florida. That daughter is the one my wife texted, and via her shack-up honey has downloaded a son of her own. The marriage to the doctor didn't last either. I think this is the time period he was farming sugar cane.

After that, he got at least a couple other women pregnant, and we've gotten to know those progeny.

Then he married Maritza, got another farm, and had another daughter. They lived in a small town, and we'd even discussed acquiring part of his land to build a house for ourselves. I guess we can cross that off our list now.

My wife takes it in stride, though some years ago it finally hit her that her dad was a worthless piece of crud only interested in himself. That was an emotional day. Once she realized and accepted that, she was fine. She expects nothing from him and doesn't get emotional about him any more.

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