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Vistamar Resort

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Wife and I and our beloved dog stayed their this past weekend. Special on right now at $130 usd a night, all inclusive. We had a very good relaxing time. Not many people there, so it was quiet. Most of the items on the menu are included but a few of the pricier seafood items, one had to pay extra. If u stuck with the normal beer and cocktails, they were as well included, but if u wanted the premium beer and all wines were extra. I stuck with the Tona!! The rum and coke was super water down!

Rooms were fine, Queen sized beds, with Satelite TV. Large shower. One either had a top floor or a bottom! 1 has more privacy on the top, but maybe a better view on the bottom! Huge deck on the top, complete with hammock! I think the top is the preferred room

Decent sized swimming pool in the middle of the complex. A bar just to its side and another smaller pool, behind the bar. The main eating area is right by the entrance. And 1 can eat and be served outside. And they do room service as well. Food was good, nothing to rave about, but it was more than just acceptable, it was enjoyable. It is all inclusive (except a few items) but it is not all you can eat,lol

The beach goes for miles. Not a private beach, so one still has to keep an eye out for stray dogs! I say that as we brought our dog with us. Felt very safe on the beach. Except when we wanted to take our dog out to do her business at night--we got about 20 feet out onto the beach, then could hear, then see a pack of dogs coming at us! lol Yep, a mad rush back to the resort,lol

They had horse rides and 4 runner rides on the beach, not long ones, so we did not partake in that. I was told that the under tow right in front of the hotel is quite strong, so its better to go further to the left.

We had an enjoyable time, staff were friendly, beer was cold, dog loved the beach and only around 40 miles from Managua!

Close to Managua
Dog friendly
Cold Tona
Long beach

Wish it ha dmore stuff like Sea-doos

Stray dogs on beach (yes you see them everywhere and I feel horrible for them)
Could see day light underneath main door!!!
Rough dirt road leading into resort

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