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Howdy, my name is Marcos and i am new to this website. I am not sure why it has taken me so long to look you guys up, i suspect its because (for those of you who live here sabe) it seems its always one thang or another. Anyway that being said; I am currently living in Matagalpa, i sold my finca in Jinotega and am looking to relocate. My wife is a school teacher here in Matagalpa and when her contract expires in Dec we will be doin some serious lookin....i am looking for info on Bluefields, Jinotepe (coastal area) or wherever is somewhat tranquillo (for Nicaragua). Of course crime rate and anti-gringo are at the top of the "dont go there" list...I liked it in Jinotega for the most part, dont care too much for Matagalpa (noise, nasty youth etc...) and for sure do not want to live in Managua or San Juan Del Sur (tourist, expensive). I am looking at a couple of small fincas in the El Cua-Bocaisito area but it is really difficult terrain for travel and i am not sure i want to try to manage another farm (pain in the butt). Anyway, just coolin it for now, networking and if someone can shoot me some ideas, thanks. Bivwac

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  1. mupitara's Avatar
    If you´re looking to relocate to places like Bluefields, you might like someplace in the RAAN. I suggest that you travel around Puerto Cabezas (Bilwi), Waspam, Bonanza, Rosita, Alamikamba, Siuna, and Mulukukú. Also, visit some of the small communities (indigenous and mestizo) because life is much different there.

    You can settle by the sea, in the lowland, on pine savanna, in the bush, on the river, on a ranch, on a farm, on a goldmine, or whatever suits your fashion. You can live in a town, in a village, in the country, in a hut, under a bush, in a tree, or whatever you want. You can get around by road, on a horse, in a boat, or on foot. You can speak English, Spanish, Miskito, and/or Mayagna.

    Life is good!
  2. Bivwac's Avatar
    Thanks, that narrows it down....
  3. RAAS's Avatar
    I am in a small, very small, community 11km sur of Nueva Guinea. I have lived here for 3 years and am the only gringo.. It is quite and peaceful out this way.. get yourself a small piece of land, $650 per mnz, and life is good, plus the Tona truck passes every Wednesday.. AND WE NEED TEACHERS.....good luck.
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