My dog is having pups

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Well, not exactly... My dog is a male. His girl friend is going to have pups... Well not exactly, she may just be a F-buddy lol. He likes her okay, but when she is not in heat she bites him and runs him off.

The last time my dog bred they had 10 puppies.

I had been wanting a male heir to me my dog for three years. He is the most beautiful animal and everywhere were walk he strikes many converasations. I have never had anything around me in my life that grabs as much attention as this dog. So it is not just me, he is an amazing dog.

So I get first pick in this deal, and I am going for a male that looks like mine. The female he bred with looks like him, so there may be plenty of choices. Laura wants one too. She initially wanted a female, but now she seems to be changing her mind. She may want a male as well.

That will give us (3) large male pit bulls. Right now Guiness pulls me around and screws up my back. I guess the only way to deal with that is never stop and I will just get or stay stronger... Whatever. We are going to have three now. Three times the fun.

And for all you worrying about dog poop... Guiness is the cleanest dog I have ever seen. He never goes in his yard and it is never visible or something you would step on. he always puts it in a bush so that it is hidden. In three years I have not seen a misplaced dog turd. He just won't go if it isn't the perfect place. I only hope he trains the puppies to be the same way. They say dogs learn a lot more from other dogs than they do from their humans.

There are probably going to be another 8 puppies and I am supposed to help get rid of them for $1000 each. I guess were are going to split it. I will let you all know how that works out. I just wanted a male heir to G-dog.

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