My first two days in Nicaragua

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I arrived Managua at 2045 in the evening and headed straight to the motel. I put my bags away and went outside on the balcony to have a smoke. There was an American already there and we got to chatting. He pretty much explained that the only reason he and a couple of his friends comes to Nicaragua is for the women. Paid women that is. I thought oh boy, what kind of motel am I in. It turns out the motel was very nice with no issues.

The next morning the motel gave me a ride to the car rental place and this is where it gets fun. Everyone is right, there are no streets signs and you pretty much have to know where your going. Good thing I studied google maps extensively. I got out of the city with no issues and stop at a gas station just past the airport to have another smoke. Yes I know I need to stop smoking. I left the gas station and not too long later came to a split in the road. I went toward the right going into Tipitapa. I knew I was going the wrong way immediately so I started to look for a place to turn around. I went probably two or three clicks and finally found a wide spot to turn off on. I signaled to the right, got off the road, let a couple of cars pass, and then signaled to the left and turned around. Of course coming at me are two police on a motorcycle that of course are pointing for me to pull over. Illegal U turn and they said without signaling but I know I did. Dealing with the police when you don't speak good spainish really sucks. Bottom line they are giving me two citations and its late enough in the day that I can't get it taken care of until the next morning.

First let me say this, I do not condone paying off the police but in this situation it was the better thing for me to do in my opinion. If I did it the legal way.....another $50 to $60 for a motel room, $18 for a room I had already paid for in Matagalpa, plus however much the fine would have been, and at least one full lost day on an 8 day vacation. So after much negotiation and me saying "No savy" a lot he said he would except $2000 cords and I could go on my way. Do I feel good about it, of course not. Do I think it helps the situation, of course not. Do I think it was the right decision, for me at that time, yes.

After that the rest of the trip to Matagalpa was uneventful and enjoyable. It really is a beautiful country. I got checked into the motel and and headed out on to the streets. The first thing I noticed is I was getting a lot of stares. I know the folks have seen gringos before so why all the stares? The only thing I could think of is maybe its not real common to see a gringo of my age. A lot of retirees here but maybe not a whole lot of middle aged white men. Or maybe it's just because I'm so good looking......yeah, I will go with that one.

I am off to La Dalia today to visit with an expat whom I am sure I will call a friend from here on out. Tomorrow Cerro Appente in the morning and then off to Jinotega to be a tourist, cheap tourist that is since I'm $2000 cords shorter!


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